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Busy Dog | In-Home Puppy Training

Puppy Training

Raising your puppy doesn't have to be stressful. Our certified dog trainers come to you & make the puppy training process simple, fun and effective!

Build a better relationship with your puppy through positive reinforcement, in-home puppy training.

The Basics &

Learn practical techniques from a certified dog trainer without leaving home. We come to you and create a customized plan for you & your puppy to help start on the right foot (or paw)!

Puppy Obedience Training With Busy Dog Colorado

*advanced training available for particularly challenging and/or ambitious dogs

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Positive Reinforcement Training

Busy Dog's trainers use positive reinforcement and game-based dog training methods. While many other trainers use harsh discipline to show your dog what they don't want, Busy Dog uses rewards to encourage the behaviors you DO want!

Doodle Puppy Training With Busy Dog Colorado

Training that lasts a lifetime. 

Your puppy should be successful in all areas of life. Your customized course will highlight a diverse number of distractions to prepare your puppy for any real-life situation with results that last a lifetime.

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Howls from the pack

"Busy Dog is amazing!"

"Trainer Carrie is amazing! In just 2 weeks, my dog has mastered down, stay, wait, leave it and focusing on me way more. I highly recommend!"

Billie H.

"Highly Recommend!"

"Now with the help of Busy Dog, I feel much more equipped to handle any situation. My dog and I have become such a better team. I can't recommend Busy Dog enough!"

Abby M.

"We LOVE Busy Dog!"

“The dogs are doing great and are already so much better behaved! We are so impressed, we LOVE and highly recommend Busy Dog”

Krissy W.

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Puppy Training Packages

Puppy Portrait
Single Session

One 1-hour training session


Training a Puppy
Basic Puppy

Six 1-hour training sessions


Training a Puppy with Snack
Pro Puppy

Ten 1-hour training sessions


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