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Teaching your dog to focus on you

Does your dog have a hard time listening to you or giving you his attention when you need it? It may feel like he's intentionally ignoring you out of defiance - but really, he just has a lack of self-control and doesn't know what he needs to do when you're asking him for his focus on you.

A great way of turning his lack of self-control into an immediate response is through the command, "look". This is an awesome foundational skill that every dog needs to learn. Your dog has a range of focus. Let's say that range it 1-10. One being completely focused on you, ten being he has no idea that you exist. Teaching "look" essentially gets your dog to completely focus on you no matter what the situation may hold. Here's how you teach it:

Some trainers will say to put the cookie to the dog's nose, then up to yours. But this ultimately teaches your dog to track a treat. I recommend putting the cookie to yo