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Teach your dog to 'spin' on command

Spin is one of those fun and cute commands that brings a smile on anyone's face when they see a dog do it. So, how do you teach a dog to spin, anyways? Let me show you:

For starters, I recommend grabbing some of your dog's favorite training treats, and your training clicker. Once you have those, you'll be ready to start working on 'spin' with your dog!

First, you'll start off by taking a treat and holding it at your dog's nose. Then, you'll want to move your hand to his side, and towards his butt. Your dog will more than likely pick a side he prefers to spin towards. So, I would definitely try going to the left and right. Once your dog had walked around in a complete circle and is facing you again, you will click and reward with a treat!

With any specific training questions, don't be shy! Message Busy Dog today so we can help with all of your training needs.

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