Teach your dog to, "go to bed" on command

When it comes to cooking and eating dinner, grabbing an amazon package at the front door, letting in a guest, or simply wanting your dog to go relax for a period of time - teaching him the command, "Place" can make a huge difference. Here's how:

The first thing you'll want to do when teaching your dog "place" ('bed', 'spot', 'kennel', etc.) is to find an elevated platform such as a bed, KLIMB, or cot to guide him onto. You'll want this because it will differentiate that particular spot in the room or area for your dog so he knows where to go when he hears the command, "place".

"Place" is different from "down" because it implies that your dog needs to go lay down in a designated spot, as opposed to "down" which implies he needs to lay down wherever he is, at that moment in time.

As you begin to teach your dog the command, you want to make sure to guide him to his bed. Without saying any verbal commands you'll guide your dog into a 'sit', 'down', and then click your clicker. Imply a 'stay' with your 'stay' hand signal.

After a moment or two, you'll want to then release your dog off of his bed and give him a treat. As your dog becomes more reliable with the physical behavior of laying on his bed when guided (again, using no verbal commands) - you can then start pointing at his bed and saying, "place".

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