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Teach your dog to give 'paw' or to 'shake'

Any dog lover can agree when your dog shakes your hand, it's pretty adorable! Aside from that though, your dog learning "paw" or "shake" is a great way of teaching them targeting skills! In the long run, this can condition your dog to learn harder, more advanced commands. Here's how to start teaching your dog "paw":

To start off, you'll want to grab some training treats, your clicker, and your pup! There are a few ways you can show your dog "paw", so you'll have to see what works best with your pup. Here are your choices:

1. Tickle the paw

I recommend by first tickling the paw you want your dog to give you. Just like humans, each dog will have a preference as to which paw he likes

to give. So, you'll want to tickle the back of either paw and when your dog lifts his paw up and places it in your hand, you will click and treat him!

2. Tap his leg

Another way to get your dog to give you his paw would be tapping the leg of the paw you want from him. Tapping his arm is a great way to suggest to him, "hey, lift your arm" and once he does and his paw touches your palm, you can click and give him a treat.

3. Press up on his chin

Another great way to try and capture your dog giving you his paw would be pressing up on his chin. This will cause his arms to lift up and once he lifts up one far enough to swat at your hand, you can capture this with a click and give him a treat!

Always avoid picking up your dog's paw for him. This does not teach your dog to actually lift his paw and give it to you. Often times, your dog will hear the command, "paw" or "shake" and then wait for you to grab his paw. In his mind, "paw' means you grabbing his paw and then shaking it! Trying the three methods above will deter him from that thought process.

With any specific training questions, don't be shy! Message Busy Dog today so we can help with all of your training needs.

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