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Teach your dog how to weave with 'through'

Whether you're looking for a new way to engage with your dog or dream of competing in agility competitions with him...teaching your dog the command, "through" is fun and easy! Here's how:

First, you'll want to start off by grabbing some training treats, and your training clicker. If your dog prefers toys, you can totally do this with toys as well! You'll be able to use a ball or other toy for this, too.

I recommend having two treats in hand. One in the left, one in the right hand. Have your dog sit next to your right side. Then, with a wide stance, you'll want to hold the treat in-between your legs with your left hand. Once your dog is in-between your legs, you'll then move your hand towards your left side.

Once your dog meets you at your left side, you can then do the same thing with the treat in your right hand. This will end up looking like figure 8s!

You can do this while walking as well, or you can use this to teach your dog how to weave through poles for agility!

With any specific training questions, don't be shy! Message Busy Dog today so we can help with all of your training needs.

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