Teach your dog how to target

Teaching your dog targeting is a fun and easy activity to practice shaping behaviors, and capturing what you want to see more of from your dog. You can teach targeting with the command, "touch". Targeting is also a great way to build up your dog's confidence and ability to isolate certain body parts or objects. Making it easier to teach your dog other, more dynamic commands in the future. Here's how to teach your dog, "touch":

You'll want to start off by placing a treat under your thumb. You can then keep an open palm, or keep one to two fingers out. Once your dog touches the 'target', you'll reward him with a click and a cookie! Another great way of practicing this is with a targeting stick. This training tool is a great way to further define the exact spot you want your dog to target, painting a very clear picture for him as to what, 'touch" means!

As your dog gets better at this, you can remove the treat from under your thumb as your dog will be able to perform the command out of anticipation of a treat being there. You can then push your dog to do this with all sorts of objects (targeting disks, wobble boards, flirt poles, etc.) or body parts (leg, knee, hip, shoulders, etc.)

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