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Teach your dog how to 'crawl'

Teaching your dog how to 'crawl' is not only fun, and cute... it can help you show them other advanced training commands in the future, like 'under' or 'settle'! So, how do you show your dog to 'crawl' anyways? Here's how:

I recommend grabbing one of your dog's favorite treats, and your clicker! You'll want to have your dog laying down. Then, take the treat and place it against your dog's nose. Fair warning, they will probably try to eat it out of your hand (can't blame him)!

Once you have the treat at your dog's nose, guide your dog's nose down towards the ground with the treat. Then, you'll want to start sliding your hand towards you. Your dog should begin to shuffle his body forward. This is perfect! You'll want to click and reward as your dog begins to crawl towards you. If your dog pops up, that is totally okay! Simply make him lay down, and try again.

Some dogs will not do this on hardwood floor or tile in the beginning. This is totally okay, too. I would grab a rug or go to a carpeted area, even grass, and give this command a try on a softer surface first. Once your dog has the hang of it, I would try again on the hardwood or tile floor and see how they do.

With any specific training questions, don't be shy! Message Busy Dog today so we can help with all of your training needs.

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