3 Steps to teaching your dog how to greet stress free

Teaching your dog manners when it comes to greeting both people and dogs is so incredibly important!

Many of us forget to show our dogs this structure, and that’s where you can see a dog pulling or lunging on the leash to say hi to another dog, jump on guests are the front door, or run up to a new dog at the park and just start playing without introducing himself first.

All of these habits can pose has a safety risk. That last thing you want is your dog getting into a fight, feeling scared (in turning becoming scared permanently), or scaring and injuring a dog on a walk or a guest coming into your home.

Teaching your dog to greet will look like this:


The first step is to get your dog’s focus on you. Make him “SIT” and then “LOOK”


Your dog must stay calm and seated while the other dog or person is in the process on initiating greeting. If your dog gets up too soon or before your command, move backwards and make them do step 1 and 2 over again.


Allow your dog to greet by giving them the command, “GREET”, “SAY HI”, etc.

This process will take time. The more and more practice you have with your dog, the better they will become maintaining self control while greeting people and dogs!