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Take the next step toward a better relationship with your dog by booking a free evaluation. We'll come to you and create a customized training plan for you and your dog!

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Evaluations are 100% free and you don't have to do anything special to prepare. We come to you and create a customized training plan based on you & your dog's needs.

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Free Evaluation


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and create a custom training plan

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Our Training Philosophy

Busy Dog uses and teaches positive reinforcement and game-based dog training methods. While many other trainers use harsh discipline to show your dog what they don't want, Busy Dog uses rewards to encourage the behaviors you DO want!

This means that we discover what your dog is motivated by (treats, praise, affection, etc.) and cater our training toward their personality and instinctual needs. This builds trust between you and your dog as we develop the foundational skills they need.

Howls From The Pack

"Carrie was amazing with my Goldendoodle pup! I cannot recommend Carrie and her team enough!"

Heather T.

"Jill & Carrie definitely know what they are doing.It was amazing to see our German Shepherd Zues learn so much and grow."

Sheerie I.

"It took 2 sessions with Carrie and he had calmed down immensely. I can’t recommend her enough. We owe her our sanity."

Kristie P.

"Best money I have ever spent since we got a dog! Carrie is absolutely wonderful with my husky pup, Luna!"

Nicole V.

" We are a busy family but wanted to ensure we were able to still train our new addition. Busy Dog Colorado and JILL were PERFECT!!"

Erick K.

"Carrie with Busy Dog Colorado is the best dog trainer I have ever had. She is so knowledgeable with every aspect of a dog."

Jan P.

"Beyond pleased with this company from start to finish! I did training  for my pit bull with Jill Wetzel. She did an amazing job!"

Martin A.

"Carrie and her team are amazing! Over the duration of the course we became more confident in how we were training our dog"

Sara N.

"We had a great experience with Busy Dog. Our trainer was Jill Wetzel and she was fantastic. Very knowledgeable!"

Stuart M.

"The best dog trainer! We love Carrie and how good she is with our girls..  and you will see it when she works with your dogs!"

Joanie C.

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